[greenstone-users] "Ignore accents" - Strange behaviour

From Diego Spano
DateFri May 9 02:10:54 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] "Ignore accents" - Strange behaviour
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Hi list, I want to explain an strange behaviour I noticed from preferences.

I have a collection with an index using Subject metadata. One of the
assigned values is "Informe", so when I run a search using Subject index I
get the following results:

If I set "ignore case differences", I can search for "informe" or "Informe"
and I get similar results. But if I set "ignore accents" preference too,
then I get NO results. I have to turn "accents must match" on to get the
documents. Why? How does "ignore accents" relates with "ignore case

"Informe" has no accents, it should be retrieved if I set "ignore case
differences" and "ignore accents".

I?m using GS 2.80 with mgpp running on Windows XP ann IIS. I almost sure
that this strange behaviour was nos present in 2.7x versions.


Diego Spano

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