Re: Building collection for Bibligraphical Records (ReferPlug)

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 30 May 2002 18:10:02 +1200
Subject Re: Building collection for Bibligraphical Records (ReferPlug)
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On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 11:36:25AM +0530, Doncy Augustine wrote:

> For this project I was using a sample bibligraphic file of .bib format to
> build a collection. I tried using ReferPlug and BibTexPlug in collect.cfg
> file. But couldn't build the collection. The error message which I got is
> given below:
> "The collection could not be built as it contains no data. Make sure that
> at least one of the directories or files you specified on the source data
> page exists and is of a type or (in the case of a directory) contains
> files of a type, that Greenstone can process".
> Do we need to mention about the plugins anywhere else? Or do we need to
> modify the collect.cfg file?

I can think of two possible problems:

1) Your data is not in BibTex format (or Refer format). If so, the
plugin would not find any data that it can understand, so no data
will be imported to greenstone.

2) Your collect.cfg file is incorrect. However, it sounds likes
this is unlikely - all you need is an entry saying
plugin ReferPlug
plugin BibTexPlug

If you specify both, I think only the first one listed will be
used, as they are both trying to accept files ending in ".bib".
If you're not sure which format your files are in, try each
line separately.

John McPherson