Re: Couple quick issues

From Stefan Boddie
DateThu, 23 May 2002 10:11:46 +1200
Subject Re: Couple quick issues
In-Reply-To (006d01c201b6$d50bef40$6d01a8c0-kevinnew)

> We've been working on building a Greenstone collection and wanted to ask a
> couple questions. We're using GSDL 2.37 on Windows 98 SE.
> 1. Does the metadata.xml file support filenames with spaces? We've had some
> problems with metadata not being associated with the file if the filename
> has spaces in its name. If not, would it be possible to add this into the
> next release?

There's no reason I can think of that metadata.xml files wouldn't
support filenames with spaces. Keep in mind though that these filenames
are treated as perl regular expressions so you'll need to make sure the
expression will match your filename as expected. I think there have also
been a few small bugs fixed over recent months that concerned spaces in
filenames. The details escape me right now but it's possible that one of
these bugs is causing the problem. These fixes will of course appear in
the next release.

> 2. The export to CD feature copies over version 2.35 of the server.exe file
> regardless of which version of Greenstone is actually running. This can lead
> to some different behavior in the exported CD from the local version (for
> example, PDF entries on exported collections no longer contain a link to the
> original PDF). It seems that copying the 2.37 version of the server.exe file
> to the exported CD fixes this. Would it be possible to update the "Export to
> CD" function to simply copy the current version of server.exe in the
> GSDLHOME directory, or could this cause a problem? This way the collection
> would behave the same locally and on CD.

The trouble is that I created the extra "export to CD" package when
version 2.35 was in circulation and haven't updated it for a while. When
you export to CD it takes the copy of server.exe that it finds in
GSDLHOMEbinwindows. You could therefore fix your installation for all
CDs exported in future by copying the server.exe in GSDLHOME to
GSDLHOMEbinwindows. The easy solution, as you say, would be to make
the software always take the server.exe file from GSDLHOME. We can't
always rely on this file existing however since the exporting package
could just as well be installed with a version of Greenstone running the
library.exe web library. So, maybe it'd be better if the software used
the server.exe in GSDLHOME if it existed and resorted to the one in
GSDLHOMEbinwindows if it didn't. Then again, maybe I should just
update the "export to CD" package each time a new Greenstone version is