[greenstone-users] french accent in xml file

From Vincent Dubuc
DateThu, 15 Feb 2007 08:29:19 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] french accent in xml file

On my way to make my first Greenstone CD, and thank you for the previ=
help on classifier, I get another problem.

I made a collection based on the PagedImage exemple, so make an .item=
file with metadata description of the images (descriptor are Title,=
Creator, Subject). The collection is of an old french newspaper, so s=
title and subject have accented words (=E9, =E0...) that generate par=
errors when building the collection.

It seems that theres no .enc file (in the=20
GreenstonebinwindowsperllibXMLParserEncodings directory) for=
accented characters. I think that an iso-8859-1.enc would work well f=
french text ; hence the questions

Would an iso-8859-1.enc file in the=20
GreenstonebinwindowsperllibXMLParserEncodings directory would=
automaticaly used by greenstone to generate the apropriate accented=

How to get this file (I already have the iso-8859-1.txt file)

Is there another way of geting those accented characters.

For information, and to make things clear here is an exemple of a .it=
file which woul generate errors on lignes 7, 9, 10, 12, 14. (words=
R=E9daction, d=E9l=E9gation, =C0...)

<Metadata name=3D"Title">L'Autonomie Individuelle 1</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Date">18870515</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Number">1</Metadata>
<Page pagenum=3D"1" imgfile=3D"images/1.gif">
=09<Metadata name=3D"Title">Avis</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Creator">R=E9daction (La)</Metadata></Page>
<Page pagenum=3D"2" imgfile=3D"images/2.gif">
<Metadata name=3D"Title">=C0 nos amis</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Creator">R=E9daction (La)</Metadata></Page>
<Metadata name=3D"Title">=C0 propos du suffrage universel</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Creator">Schaeffer (Charles)</Metadata>
<Metadata name=3D"Subject">D=E9l=E9gation de pouvoir</Metadata>
<Page pagenum=3D"3" imgfile=3D"images/3.gif">
<Metadata name=3D"Title">Page 3</Metadata></Page>
<Page pagenum=3D"4" imgfile=3D"images/4.gif">
<Metadata name=3D"Title">Page 4</Metadata></Page>
=09 <Page pagenum=3D"5" imgfile=3D"images/5.gif">
<Metadata name=3D"Title">Page 5</Metadata></Page>

Thanks for your help.

Vincent Dubuc