[greenstone-users] banner images for classifiers

From Volker Konrad
DateWed, 29 Nov 2006 11:58:14 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] banner images for classifiers
Hello all together,

I've question concerning the connection between browsing classifiers,
their buttonnames and pictures in the banner.

We use GS 2.71.

I build a collection using two browsing options. These are named via
"buttonname" as "ms-no" and "date". Its important to have this names in
the navigationbar.

Second I built a banner consisting of a table with 3 cells. Their content
is: 1. Greenstone Archives collection , 2. and 3. HOME HELP PREFERENCES. Now I
want to show cell 2 diffrent images for every page. I copied as written
the _titleimageXXX_macros from nav_ns4.dm and for aboutpage, help and
search everything works fine. The Problem is, that this picture is
overridden for the browsing classifiers by the buttonname.

I tried to format this textoutput to make it similar to the text in the
other pictures used in the other pages, but in this case the other
pictures get problematic margins.

Can you help me please to find the definitions that connect the
macro with the buttonname, so I can maybe work with a
conditional string. Or is there a way to override the butonname in the
pagebanner with an image?

Thanks a lot
Volker Konrad

PS: I attached a picture of the bannertable with activated borders, to
show what I want.

Type: image/jpeg
Filename: titelleiste.jpg