[greenstone-users] Metadata structure

From hayk@flib.sci.am
DateMon Jul 4 20:52:22 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Metadata structure
Dear Greenstone community

Our library is going to launch a new digital library of early printed
newspapers and now we evaluate several options to organize its content.

We have created hierarchical metadata with several levels, namely
Newspaper names>year of publication>issues>content of articles.
By default, Greenstone displays this hierarchical structure in drop-down
mode. However, our aim is to achieve horizontal view of metadata levels.
In other words, we want the Greenstone to display the metadata of the same
level in a row, rather than a column.
I know, that hlist_at_top argument allows to display the first level of
the classification horizontally, however, we want to extend this feature
not only on the first level, but also on the other ones.

Additionally, I would like to learn more about format statements syntax
and macros. Do you know any sources besides greenstone guides?

Any advices?

Thanks in advance