[greenstone-users] Problem with Client GLI

From hayk@flib.sci.am
DateMon Jul 11 13:22:38 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem with Client GLI
Dear Greenstone community

Now I am trying to enable Remote Librarian Interface function for
Greenstone 2.84 and I have faced a problem.
I have managed to integrate apache web-server with Greenstone 2.84 and
this combination worked excellent. localhost:80/greenstone/library.cgi
address responses immediately and this means, that both apache and
greenstone operate without problems. In addition, I have logged in as the
administrator and created a couple of users with various privilegies.

However, when I try to connect to the server with Client GLI (preinstalled
with Greenstone 2.84), a problem occurs. When I open Client GLI, a window,
entitled "Specify GLI Server Address" pops out, asking me to enter the
value. I do it(http://localhost:80/greenstone/cgi-bin/gliserver.pl), and
the flow continues by setting library_url and Server_url. For the second
phase of connection, a little window with fields for the username and
password emerges. When I enter appropriate existing values previously
assigned by me for the username and its password, an error massage appears
Remote Greenstone Server error
An error has occured on the remote greenstone server while performing
this operation.
Authentication has failed: no account for user 'xxxx'.
Interestingly, the error happens when I try to log in with default "demo"
user. Moreover, both "xxxx" ad demo users are visible in the "list all"
section of admin page.

Any advices?

Thanks in advance, Haik