[greenstone-users] problem launching GLI in Windows XP

DateThu Apr 8 06:07:46 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] problem launching GLI in Windows XP

Sorry if this has been answered before - I did search the listserv archives and found this question was asked a few times but I did not see a solution.

I recently upgraded to 2.83 windows version of Greenstone and have problem to launch the Librarian Interface. I did uninstall the previous version and then install v2.83. When I try to launch the GLI from Start/Programs, a command prompt pops up for a second and then disappears. When I try to run gli.bat in the command mode, it only shows an incomplete copyright message that ends "was unexpected at this time."

I have checked that both Perl and java are installed. Also, I have the admin rights to the computer, and checked the permissions of greenstone directory and ruled the permission issue out

Any help would be really appreciated.