[greenstone-users] problem launching GLI in Windows XP

DateTue Apr 27 16:07:14 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] problem launching GLI in Windows XP
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Thanks so much for your reply. I followed your suggestion to completely uninstall Greenstone, then installed it under C: directly, but still experienced the same problem.

I had received a very kind and experienced fellow listserv subscriber's help to check my PATH and even manually set the path in the setup.bat file, but the problem persists. I have also tried to run the setup.bat, dli.bat, and some other .bat files in the command mode, and received a common incomplete error message - please see the screenshots in the attached file. Hope it is helpful for troubleshooting.

I have been teaching a digital library class using Greenstone in the past two years. It seems all fresh installations on windows are fine. It is very tricky to get Greenstone to work on a Mac. And, almost all reinstallations and upgrades of Greenstone are troublesome although we followed the Greenstone tutorials for uninstallations and upgrades.

Thanks so much,


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Hi Yin,

I think this may be due to there being spaces in the filepath to your
Greenstone installation. I have more recently found there were in fact
still issues to do with this when running GLI.
Could you try uninstalling and then reinstalling Greenstone 2.83
somewhere else, in a location where there are no spaces in the filepath
(no space characters in any of the parent directories containing your

For example, if you have admin rights, try installing it into say

Does the problem you described persist after the reinstall?

We have been looking at sorting out the larger problem of GLI dealing
with spaces and intend on fixing it.


ZHANG, YIN wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this has been answered before - I did search the listserv archives and found this question was asked a few times but I did not see a solution.
> I recently upgraded to 2.83 windows version of Greenstone and have problem to launch the Librarian Interface. I did uninstall the previous version and then install v2.83. When I try to launch the GLI from Start/Programs, a command prompt pops up for a second and then disappears. When I try to run gli.bat in the command mode, it only shows an incomplete copyright message that ends "was unexpected at this time."
> I have checked that both Perl and java are installed. Also, I have the admin rights to the computer, and checked the permissions of greenstone directory and ruled the permission issue out
> Any help would be really appreciated.
> Yin
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