Re: Macro Language query

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 27 Jun 2002 12:14:26 +1200
Subject Re: Macro Language query
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> Dynal Patel wrote:
> Hello
> I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the macro
> language. I am trying to familiarize myself with it.
> 1. Are there any manuals explaining how the micro-language works?
> At the moment I am trying to create a simple page that has a few links and a
> search box. The file is attached to this e-mail.
> 1. <h3>_textabcol_</h3> why can I not do this?
> 2. <center>
> SearchSubjectsFromDates
> </center>

Search in for of the words  

> <p>_iconblankbar_
> with this I get the searchbox but i get an error when trying to search for a
> document. It says something like error creating CGI arguments.

I think the problem here is that _textabcol_ is defined (in each
language-specific macro file) as being part of the "about"
But the macro you are defining is for the home page/package.
Since greenstone can't find _textabcol_ in either the "home"
package or in the global section, it doesn't know how to
resolve it. If you put About this collection instead, (explicitly
saying where it should find it), things should work.

With greenstone's cgi arguments, you can set a=p (for which
action) and then p=home , p=about, etc. If p=about, then
greenstone will try to resolve any macros in the "about"
package and then the "global" package. You can define macros
in your macro files just by saying:

package mypackage


The requested page could not be found. Please use your browsers 'back' button or the above home button to return to the Greenstone Digital Library. {<h1>Hello</h1>


_welcome_ {foo bar}


Now you could go to the url "library?a=p&p=mypackage".

Hope this helps,

John McPherson