[greenstone-users] classifier based on ex.Subject

From Vincent Dubuc
DateFri, 22 Oct 2004 10:16:51 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] classifier based on ex.Subject
I am trying to make a digital library of french political newspaper and
My problem is to get the proper subject classifier : I easily classified the main subjects (using the dls.Subject.txt file with a hierarchy
classifier) but can't manage to make one which would include the
ex.Subject extracted by the Rec plugin. the wanted result is a
navigation classifier that would only lead to the relevant chapters and
not only to the whole book
The only thing I manage to get is with an AZSection list (AZSectionList
-metadata ex.Subject) but what would appear in the result is not the
needed Subject but the Title of the chapter on which the Subject refeer.

For exemple in a book dedicated to the biography of a lot of people, so
with general Subject "biography" there's a chapter on Tolstoļ hence the
ex.Subject I wanted : "Tolstoļ" which would lead to the only chapter
dedicated to him.
the AZSectionList classifier would wok by leading to the proper chapter
what would be shown in the classifier navigation is the Title of the
chapter, in that cast "Tolstoi his wok and life", so any other document
with ex.Subject "Tolstoļ" would not be classified together

The ex.Subject are included in the dls.Subject.txt
The classify Hierarchy -metadata dls.Subject.txt shows some of the
wanted subjects, but without any link to the document....

If anyone can help, it would be very appreciate

Vincent Dubuc