[greenstone-users] Greek characters in Hierarchical classifiers and Text document icon

From ?????????? ??????????
DateTue Aug 10 22:15:01 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Greek characters in Hierarchical classifiers and Text document icon
??????? Dear Katherine Don and all Greenstone friends,
first of all I would like to thank you for your precious help.

??????? a)? I ' m building a multimedia (music
basically) collection and I need some help with the hierarchical classifiers. I face a problem with greek characters when I use an external text file for building an Hierarchy browsing classifier. Particularly when I save the text file in utf-8 format -otherwise the program can't read greek characters-? and preview the collection, the button name of the corresponding classifier turns to the word "hierarchy". I use the version 2? (2s2010.05.19) of Greenstone.
b) Following the instructions of "Building a multimedia collection" tutorial, I have built a collection with the same structure. However I find extremely usefull the "text document" icon in order to automatically extract the metadata from the enrich panel. Is there a way, with the help of DocumentHeading Format feature, to enable "text document" icon show metadata elements?
?????????? I give you my Configuration File

creator??? ??? tasios3@yahoo.gr
maintainer??? tasios3@yahoo.gr
public??? ??? true

buildtype??? mgpp

indexes??? ??? text dc.Title,ex.Title dc.Format dc.Coverage dc.Creator dc.Subject
defaultindex??? text

levels??? document

indexoptions??? accentfold casefold stem

defaultlevel??? document

plugin??? ZIPPlugin
plugin??? GreenstoneXMLPlugin
plugin??? TextPlugin -input_encoding utf8 -default_encoding utf8
plugin??? HTMLPlugin
plugin??? EmailPlugin
plugin??? PDFPlugin
plugin??? RTFPlugin
plugin??? WordPlugin -no_blocking -convert_to html -file_rename_method none
plugin??? PostScriptPlugin
plugin??? PowerPointPlugin
plugin??? ExcelPlugin
plugin??? ImagePlugin -filename_encoding utf8 -file_rename_method none
plugin??? ISISPlugin
plugin??? NulPlugin
plugin??? MP3Plugin -filename_encoding auto -file_rename_method none
plugin??? MARCPlugin
plugin??? MetadataXMLPlugin
plugin??? ArchivesInfPlugin
plugin??? DirectoryPlugin

classify??? List -metadata dc.Title -sort_leaf_nodes_using dc.Title -buttonname "???????????? (??????)" -sort_using_unicode_collation -partition_type_within_level approximate_size -bookshelf_type always
classify??? Hierarchy -metadata dc.Subject -buttonname ???????? -hfile "eyrytan1.Subject and Keywords.txt" -sort dc.AZlist
classify??? Hierarchy -metadata dc.Coverage -buttonname Geographiki -hfile eyrytan1.Coverage.txt -sort dc.AZlist
classify??? List -metadata dc.Creator -sort_leaf_nodes_using dc.AZlist -buttonname ???????????????????? -sort_using_unicode_collation -bookshelf_type duplicate_only -partition_type_within_level approximate_size

classify??? List -metadata dc.Format -sort_leaf_nodes_using dc.AZlist -buttonname "?????????? (??????)" -sort_using_unicode_collation -use_hlist_for eyrytan1.dcAZ(Greek)list.txt -bookshelf_type duplicate_only -partition_type_within_level approximate_size

format VList "<td valign=top>
{If}{[dc.Format] eq 'Lyrics',[link]_iconlyrics_[/link]}
{If}{[dc.Format] eq 'Tablature',[link]_icontab_[/link]}
{If}{[dc.Format] eq 'Images',[srclink][thumbicon][/srclink]}
{If}{[dc.Format] eq 'Audio',[srclink]{If}{[FileFormat] eq 'MIDI',View the MIDI document,View the MP3 document}[/srclink]}
<td valign="top">[highlight]

format HList "[link][highlight][ex.Title][/highlight][/link]"

format DocumentHeading "{Or}{[parent(Top):Title],[Title],untitled}<br>"

format DocumentText "[Text]"

format DocumentButtons "Detach|Highlight"

format SearchTypes "plain,form"

format DocumentImages true

format RelatedDocuments ""

collectionmeta??? .text [l=en] "??????????????"
collectionmeta??? .dc.Title,Title [l=en] "????????????"
collectionmeta??? .document [l=en] "Document"
collectionmeta??? .section [l=en] "Section"
collectionmeta??? depositormetadata [l=en] "{"name":"dc.Title","label":"Title","tooltip":"dc.Title: A name given to the resource.","type":"text"}, {"name":"dc.Creator","label":"Creator","tooltip":"dc.Creator: An entity primarily responsible for making the content of the resource.","type":"text"}, {"name":"dc.Description","label":"Description","tooltip":"dc.Description: An account of the content of the resource.","type":"text"}"
collectionmeta??? .dc.Coverage [l=en] "???????????????????? ????????????"
collectionmeta??? .dc.Creator [l=en] "????????????????????"
collectionmeta??? .dc.Format [l=en] "??????????"
collectionmeta??? .dc.Subject [l=en] "????????"
collectionmeta??? collectionname [l=en] "Eyrytana 4 (peirama)"
collectionmeta??? collectionextra [l=en] "?????? ???? ???????????? ???? ???????????????? ?????? ????????????????????"

?????? You are an oasis in my electronic desert. I look forward for your reply and thank you again for your patience.

Anastasios Eliopoulos

Karpenisi, Greece


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