[greenstone-users] Greenstone and OSX

From cipher
DateFri Sep 12 01:28:12 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone and OSX
I have 2 problems....first is I cant seem to post except in digest
form. I will revisit the site to see what I did wrong when i have
time. Second is that my last post didnt seem to get any views....

I attach a revised version of it which hopefully will get onto the
main list.

"We are currently using Greenstone on a 64 bit Suse Linux Enterprise
Server version 10. The Server is an HP Proliant with 2 500GB SATA
drives (Mirrored using software Raid) 2GB Memory and a Xeon Processor.
However when uploading images from an Apple Mac The Librarian
Interface keeps freezing. I've checked ImageMagick and the convert
command works fine from command line and in all other respects the
Server system is very fast.

The thing Im seeing is that resource forks (a separate 'meta' file
with icon info etc) and thumbs.db files seem to cause the imageplug to
spend huge amounts of time trying to convert them to thumbnails. I
removed the plugin ran the Create command and the process was finished
in about 3 seconds. This is obviously because the Image Plugin isnt
trying to convert the said ._* and .DS files. I reinstalled the Plug-
in with maxfilesize (I cant see the option but I think it was
something like that) which should filter all the little hidden files
in a Mac folder and any thumbs.db files in Windows Folders. ANy files
under 50K is what I set.

I have since seen that lots of 1 kilobyte resource fork files have
been entered into the database...can these be purged easily. The
database no longer allows anything to be uploaded. A rollback seems
likely to have all the wrong data as baggage.

I can arrange to give SSH access to the machine if needs be, but am
otherwise stumped. The browser database access still works, but we
cant add anything new.

Any help would be of great value.