[greenstone-devel] A small question about using section index

From Leho@nq
DateSun, 6 Mar 2005 19:11:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] A small question about using section index
Hi everybody,
I have a question , how to use section index in Greenstone?
For example, I have a document (file test.txt) which has the content :
ID : SC1
Name : Peter
ID : SC2
Name : Mary
We have two sections already.
And now I do my query : "SC1" 
I want the result will be like that:
Name: Peter
It's like we do query in SQL, select a record where it'sID is similar to the ID we give.
I don't want to recieve the whole document, I just want to get the content of the section one
How can I do ? How can I build my source text and  build my config file in Greenstone?
Thanks in advance!


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