[greenstone-devel] A small idea for GS !

From Leho@nq
DateSat, 12 Mar 2005 07:05:47 -0800 (PST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] A small idea for GS !
I've got a small idea. I think the starting Form of GS (that consists of a File menu, a button (almost time is "Restart Library"), a GS icon, some texts) should be minimized to system tray after the GS home page was displayed. It'll look more professional and not bother users when they use Alt+Tab key. Another reason is that users rarely use it.
And, I have some problems :(. I'll raise them here. Would you take time to help me, please?
1. Whenever I want to add one and only one file to a collection, I have to rebuild the collection. It must be a big problem if that collection is already a very big collection (in many Megabytes, even GB). Is there another way? Could you tell me, please?
2. I have to create a collection consisting of many files. Each file is a document (Word, PDF...) cosisting of many chapters. I want to mark each chapter is a section. Have I to insert section tag before each chapter, by hand? It's quite difficult with a lot of documents. Is there another way?
3. I tried to use GLI to create a collection as Ms Katherine's advice. It works well, powerfully. But it still rejects Word files and PDF files. I know there's error in my OS. If anyone has had the same problem, please tell me why! Thanks a lot!
4. GS couldn't display some text files(.txt) correctly. They were encoded in Unicode (in Vietnamese). I used Notepad (WindowsXP) and could read them, but when I added them to a collection, GS could not display them the way I expected. Although I knew if it was a Word file(.doc), (have the same text), GS could. It's quite hard to express, so I attacked them with this mail. If you like to try, please test these files for me. If GS doesn't display wrong character (square, sigma,...) I'm wrong :)
There're so many problems! Thank you for reading! I appreciate your help!
Thank you very much!

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