[greenstone-devel] Thank you all of you

From Leho@nq
DateMon, 14 Mar 2005 07:22:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] Thank you all of you
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I've received a lot of advices from Katherine Don, John R. McPherson so far for my troubles in the email "A small idea". I highly appreciate your help! I want to thank all of you, especially Katherine, she's helped me so much!
In the last mail, John gave me some URLs (http://www.greenstone.org/tmp/BasPlug.pm and /tmp/multiread.pm), but I can't go to that address! Something's wrong when I tried to access www.greenstone.org/tmp. Katherine, in a mail, also told me to go to "/tmp" to get CVS, but I couldn't. How can I access it? Could you put it in GS webpage so that anyone can download?
Dear Katherine, when I tried to make a collection from Word files, PDF files, the status string shows that GLI is converting them, used HTMLPlug. I left the default setting in config file. But when I browse by Filenames, there's no file called .doc or .pdf. ! It may be the problem of encoding with these file formats, or error in my WindowsXP. I'm going to reinstall this OS.
Again, thank you so much!

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