[greenstone-devel] OutputEncoding

From Leho@nq
DateThu, 5 May 2005 00:47:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-devel] OutputEncoding
When creating a new collection in command line, some messages are printed to the monitor.
I want to see these messages in Vietnamese, so I create a new file called strings_vi.rb in perllib directory, which is based on strings_en.rb file. I modify this file like this
And save as UTF-8 encoding.
But it doesn't work well. Some character I can't read in Vietnamese (Of course, not in command line - I create a process in C# to execute these perl scripts and redirect standard ouput to a textbox that supports unicode.) I know there's an outputencoding called windows_1258 for vi, but it's not better.
Could you tell me the right outputencoding or another way to output message in Vietnamese (-language xx option) ?
By the way, some time one write utf8, some time UTF-8. How can I distinguish ? Is there a list or table that shows the correlation?
Thank you so much! I'm waiting ...
Have a good day!

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