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From Leho@nq
DateThu, 12 May 2005 04:16:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject RE: [greenstone-devel] pageaction.cpp
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Instead of modifying the main.cfg, could you tell me the way to pass these parameters to the URL (e.g. http://gs:8080/gsdl?site=localhost&a=p&p=about&c=demo) ? Or, in other words, I want to go to a specific collection directly with just a mouse click on a button (like pressing Preview button in GLI)
Thank you so much !

Emanuel Dejanu <> wrote:

Hi Allen,

Our you can simply edit etc/main.cfg file and change the p parameter to go
to "about" page and "c" to point to your collection:


cgiarg shortname=p argdefault=about
cgiarg shortname=c argdefault=

And then you can modify to show what you want.

Best regards,

Emanuel Dejanu

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