[greenstone-users] Links between collection, and workflow

From Nicole Périat
DateSat Oct 3 11:06:54 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Links between collection, and workflow
Dear members of the list,

I am a newbie with Greenstone, but I've been trying a few things recently and I have two main questions:

1) Can we create links between items that are into different collections?
For example, I'd like to create two collections: 1) learning materials with a lot of resources of various kind, and 2) learning activities that are based on the learning materials, giving teachers the opportunity to create exercises on how to use those resources, and to share them with other teachers.

When creating an activity about a resource (text, video, software, etc), I'd like to be able to link that activity to the learning material or resource it is based on, of course. I'd like the user to search either for resources or for activities. When looking for resources or learning materials, if some activities have been created related to a specific resource, I'd like to see the number of activities that are available about that resource and also to be directed to those activities.

Are those links possible and how can I create them?

2) Is it possible to create a workflow into Greenstone?
I'd like to have different people adding resources into the library, with some metadatas, and then every new resource is sent for validation to someone else (more metadatas are added), and finally it is sent to a third person for the final approbation before publication (and even more metadatas are added at this point too). Is is possible in Greenstone to create such a worklow, with status given to the record and alerts sent to the person next in line? If not, would it be easy to integrate a software for that workflow purpose, and wich one?

Thanks for your help!

Nicole P?riat
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