[greenstone-devel] Limitation on number of subcollections?

From Tim Summers
DateThu, 09 Dec 2004 12:42:42 -0500
Subject [greenstone-devel] Limitation on number of subcollections?

Apologies if this is a double post!

When I try to build a collection with more than 11 subcollections,
build.pl will hang after the "creating the compression dictionary" step.
Is there a limit to the number of subcollections that can be built?

Following are relevant lines from "collect.cfg". If I remove "pabio12"
from the subcollection section, everything works fine. I've studied my
import directories, metadata.xml files, doc.xml files in the archives
directory, and even retyped collect.cfg in case there were "gremlins",
and everything looks fine.

Tim Summers

P.S. Maybe this has something to do with the movie Spinal Tap :)

plugin PagedImgPlusPlug_PABioDemo -thumbnail -thumbnailsize 50
-thumbnailtype png

plugin GAPlug
plugin ArcPlug
plugin RecPlug -use_metadata_files

# Search indexes
indexes document:text section:text
defaultindex section:text

# "Search" popup menu item text
# -----------------------------
collectionmeta .document:text "Entire Document"
collectionmeta .section:text "Pages"

# Collection browsing indexes
classify List -metadata Title

# Subcollections

# PAEncBio demo subcollections
# -----------------------
subcollection pabio1 "Title/^.*Volume I$/i"
subcollection pabio2 "Title/^.*Volume II$/i"
subcollection pabio3 "Title/^.*Volume III$/i"
subcollection pabio4 "Title/^.*Volume IV$/i"
subcollection pabio5 "Title/^.*Volume V$/i"
subcollection pabio6 "Title/^.*Volume VI$/i"
subcollection pabio7 "Title/^.*Volume VII$/i"
subcollection pabio8 "Title/^.*Volume VIII$/i"
subcollection pabio9 "Title/^.*Volume IX$/i"
subcollection pabio10 "Title/^.*Volume X$/i"
subcollection pabio11 "Title/^.*Volume XI$/i"
subcollection pabio12 "Title/^.*Volume XII$/i"
subcollection pabio13 "Title/^.*Volume XIII$/i"
subcollection pabio14 "Title/^.*Volume XIV$/i"

# hmm for some reason we cant index more than 11 subcollections
indexsubcollections pabio1 pabio2 pabio3 pabio4 pabio5 pabio6 pabio7
pabio8 pabio9 pabio10 pabio11 pabio12


defaultsubcollection pabio1
collectionmeta .pabio1 "Volume I"
collectionmeta .pabio2 "Volume II"
collectionmeta .pabio3 "Volume III"
collectionmeta .pabio4 "Volume IV"
collectionmeta .pabio5 "Volume V"
collectionmeta .pabio6 "Volume VI"
collectionmeta .pabio7 "Volume VII"
collectionmeta .pabio8 "Volume VIII"
collectionmeta .pabio9 "Volume IX"
collectionmeta .pabio10 "Volume X"
collectionmeta .pabio11 "Volume XI"
collectionmeta .pabio12 "Volume XII"
collectionmeta .pabio13 "Volume XIII"
collectionmeta .pabio14 "Volume XIV"

"All Volumes"