Re: [greenstone-users] links and metadata and dos

From Tod Olson
DateMon, 19 Jul 2004 15:15:35 -0500 (CDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] links and metadata and dos
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>>>>> "FH" == Fred A Hillbruner <> writes:

FH> I am working with a small group of records to learn how to use
FH> Greenstone so that I can, relatively soon I hope, create a site
FH> with records for about 4000 artists' books. The data was
FH> originally in MARC format. It was imported into Visual Fox Pro
FH> and processed. HTML records have been generated from this
FH> database.

Partial responses to two issues:

FH> Re: metadata
FH> I can generate appropriate metadata bu I cannot seem to find
FH> information on how to import the metadata, dc and dls, without
FH> manually entering it at the Enrich interface. Where could I find
FH> detailed information on this.

Aside from entering the data by hand, Greenstone is happy to pull
metadata from the source documents Since you're generating the HTML
files, can you embed the desired metadata in the HTML as <META>

FH> Re: links
FH> The HTML records have author and subject links in them. The links
FH> are designed to do a search of the records within the collection.
FH> My original links were processed by Greenstone but I get
FH> ineffective results. Links to my old interface are picked up and
FH> included in the URL.

FH> Internal Link not Found

FH> For reasons beyond our control, the internal link you have
FH> selected does not exist. This is probably due to an error in the
FH> source collection. Use your browsers "back" button to return to
FH> the previous document.

FH> Where would I find information on how to properly construct my
FH> links.

Try re-importing with the HTMLPlug "-nolinks" option:


Don't make any attempt to trap links (setting this flag may improve
speed of building/importing but any relative links within documents
will be broken).

Once your environment is set up for running Greenstone, you can type
" HTMLPlug" to see all of the options.

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