[greenstone-users] html book icon does not show up

From Tran
DateMon, 28 Mar 2005 20:50:30 +0700
Subject [greenstone-users] html book icon does not show up
Please help with my case:
In my testing collection, a book in html format, tagged properly as required shows up with all icons and sections. On the other hand, in other collection with pdf, doc... files the icons does not appear.
I've checked: the file was imported properly because I can see the extracted text.
In my testing collection the following line of format is applied (default by GSDL):
    format VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td valign=top>[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td><td valign=top>[highlight]{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}[/highlight]{If}{[ex.Source],<br><i>([ex.Source])</i>}</td>"
In my understanding, a format line such as: <td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]<td valign=top>[link][Title][/link]</td> would show the icons linking to the extracted texts. Because I would like to hide this kind of icons, I should change the format line to: <td valign=top>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]<td valign=top>[link][Title][/link]</td> or <td valign=top>[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td><td valign=top>[link][Title][/link]</td>.
I've tried to use the format line of the testing collection for the other collection and ended with two icons for each document except with only one icon linking to the extracted text from the html file. On the other hand, with the following format line:
     <td valign=top>[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td><td valign=top>[highlight]{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}[/highlight]{If}{[ex.Source],<br><i>([ex.Source])</i>}</td>
no icon would appear.
It's understandale that if in the first case the book icon does not show up then in the second no icon would not appear. The question is why the book icons of the html file does not appear?
Best regard,