[greenstone-users] util::make_dir could not create directory

From Tran
DateTue, 29 Mar 2005 01:36:07 +0700
Subject [greenstone-users] util::make_dir could not create directory
I've reported that very frequently some of my files could not be imported. From the information on the mailing archive, there are two causes:
    1. pdftohtml could not process some PDF files
    2. GLI is not working properly and you should use command-lines
Actually, command lines show that it's a strange way how GSDL works.
First at all, just one of my file is damaged according to pdftohtml, what I doubt because I can open it without any problem.
Secondly, it's "util::make_dir could not create directory c:program filesGSDLcollectcollect_name mp" makes files being rejected. What is strange here is that the rejected files are not the same at different collection buildings.
I've found on the mailing archive a similar problem and Jens Scheidtmann's (20/04/2001) suggestions:
 This means the import procedure cannot create a link to the file in a temporary directory. Subsequent commands on that non-existant link (especially the conversion pdf -> html) fail.
You can work around that by making ConverToPlug.pm fall back on copying the file.
Here is what I changed in $GSDL_HOME/bin/script/ConvertToPlug.pm around line 150 (lines with "-" in front have been deleted from the original file, lines with "+" in front have been added, ignore the 4 line header of the snippet):
diff -ur plugins_old/ConvertToPlug.pm plugins/ConvertToPlug.pm
--- plugins_old/ConvertToPlug.pm Thu Mar 22 12:20:19 2001
+++ plugins/ConvertToPlug.pm Thu Mar 22 12:22:57 2001
@@ -150,7 +150,11 @@
my $tmp_filename =
- &util::soft_link($input_filename,$tmp_filename);
+ if (!&util::soft_link($input_filename,$tmp_filename))
+ {
+ print STDERR " Copying instead! ";
+ &util::cp($input_filename, $tmp_filename);
+ }
my $verbosity = $self->{'verbosity'};
if ($verbosity>0)
Unfortunately, his suggestions do not help in my case. I'm working on Windows XP pro with GSDL 2.53a.
Please help.