[greenstone-users] Assigning icon

From Tran
DateSat, 26 Mar 2005 14:10:34 +0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Assigning icon
1. I've done some search in the archive and found a suggestion that by adding an {If} statement around the [icon] element and testing on the presence of UnknownPlug metadata I could assign new icon to UnknownPlug.
In my case the format statement would be:
     format VList "<td valign=top>[link]{If}{[UnknownPlug], <img src='/gsdl/web/images/djvu.gif'>, [icon]}[/link]</td><td valign=top>[Title]</td>"
I put a file djvu.gif in gsdlimages as suggested but it does not work.
2. In case of multiple UnknownPlug, how can I assign different icons to different kind of documents?
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