[greenstone-devel] Problem running remote gli-client-3.03

From Ifi Okoye
DateFri May 9 18:16:01 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problem running remote gli-client-3.03
Hi guys.

When I run the remote gli-client-3.03 on windows (client-gli4gs3.bat)...it
starts up and asks me for my server's address and the path to the
gliserver4gs3.pl file on the remote server....

After I put in these values, it prompts me for a username and password at
site: localsite

I put in the values that I have registered on the remote greenstone3 server,
but it comes back with an "Authentication failed: no account for user

I can log into my account on the remote server from the browser...so I know
my remote greenston3 server has my username and password stored.

Anyone have this same problem?

Any suggested workarounds?

My remote greenstone3 server is on Fedora8 and I'm trying to build
collections via Windows XP

btw - should I be mailing this to greenstone-users or greenstone-devel?


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