[greenstone-users] Browsing Classifiers-List

From ak19
DateFri Mar 21 20:03:06 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Browsing Classifiers-List
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Hello Heather,

Are the filenames of your images named consecutively, from 001.jpg to
050.png (ignoring the extensions)?

I am using Greenstone 2.80.
1. I created a collection of 5 images which I had numbered consecutively
1.bmp, 2.png,... 5.jpg.

2. In GLI, I chose the default AZList classifier and had this set to the
ex.Source metadata field (this is the case by default).
HOW: Open GLI. Then on the left hand pane of the Design tab, I chose
browsing classifiers. Then I accepted the default "AZList -metadata
ex.Source" classifier. If it's not available by default for you, then at
the bottom of the right-hand pane, there's a drop-down list. Select
AZList and add press Add Classifier. Then in the dialog that opens, you
can configure it. In the drop-down box at the top you can choose the
metadata you want to work with. Choose ex.Source which works with the
filenames (= source) you've assigned to your images.

3. Build the collection.
HOW: Go to the Create tab, press the Build Collection button.

4. View the collection in your browser. There should (hopefully) be a
"filenames" classifier for you to browse through. In my case it lists
the images in alphabetical order by filename--AZList on ex.Source--which
fortunately happens to be numerical order.

I then renamed images 4 and 5 to 040 and 050 and rebuilt the collection
and they still come out in numerical order when viewed through the
"filenames" classifier. See the attached image.

Is the result what you were trying to achieve? If so, try out the above
with your images. It does rely on you having named the images
consecutively though (from 001 to 050). If that's not possible, then
assign the dc.Title field for each image, where the dc.Titles go from
001 to 050. Then set your AZList classifier to work on dc.Title metadata.


Heather Rolen wrote:
> I have a 50 page book, 1 image per page. Using the List Classifier to
> display starting with page 001 - 050 where the page numbers are assigned
> the Resource Identifier field. However, the pages are not sorting in
> their sequential order. And the browse display has no order at all, or
> am I missing something? Is there another Classifier to be used for
> browsing page by page in sequential order?
> HR
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