[greenstone-users] Remote GLI glitch

From Larry Sheldon
DateFri Feb 18 11:53:07 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Remote GLI glitch

I am sorry to keep posting about issues that I am having with using Remote
GLI ; but after a series of tests in building our collections with it and
building directly on the server we are getting different results. and have
come to the conclusion that there is a glitch with the remote GLI .

I am using the remote GLI that was installed when I downloaded 2.83 onto
my desktop computer that uses Windows XP. This was the system that I used
to develop our digital library before we uploaded to our webserver. The
server that we are using has: Apache 2.2 and Greenstone 2.83. and the
server operating system is Windows 2008 Standard 32bit.

When using the remote GLI we receive the message that there is no
ImageMagik which renders our pdf's unaccessible, yet when we build directly
on the server it states that ImageMagik is installed and the collection
builds perfectly.

Also when I do the remote build I get changes in thumbnail dimensions and
the collections open up very slowly.

We need to be able to use the remote GLI before we can unveil our library
because if we have to build directly on our server we make the collections
unavailable until the build is completed.

Has anyone run into these issues and is there a simple solution to resolve

Thanks in advance for your help.

Larry Sheldon
New Rochelle Public Library
1 Library Plaza
New Rochelle, New York 10805
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