[greenstone-users] Set up of the National Water Information Centre Kinshasa / Dem. Rep. Congo

From Pier Luigi ROSSI
DateThu Feb 24 05:45:35 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Set up of the National Water Information Centre Kinshasa / Dem. Rep. Congo
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Hi, sorry for my english so bad,
i am an italian civil servent (fonctionnaire) in France (speaking
french) !!!

I work for IRD (Institut de recherche pour le d?veloppement) in
international cooperation.
We use "greenstone" for all projects in west Africa for create
electronic libraries.
(and acrobat + fujitsu scanners to digitize many many documents :
see www.beep.ird.fr)

Your mail concern, in my opinion, many problems.

1) Greenstone is very good tool to create elect. lib. in local computer,
in local lan, in internet access.
In general you have a serveur (bases in many times on Apache) :
it is a local (in only one computer) or in intranet or in internet.
On the serveur you share collections made whith the librarian Interface
on a local (in general) computer.
In that case, after the creation of the collection you take all the files
that you have in the collect/yor-collection folder an you put
all this file systme on the serveur where you have the library cgi

2) Whit greenstone you can, also administrate and create collections whith
remote gli (remote librarian Interface). You need an internet connection
and you need to share to many users the administrations rights.

3) In your mail I imagine technical problems and organisations problems.
If you have many services creating electronic documents,
they can send by ftp, cd-rom, usb key, .... files to a central point
where a collection administrator validate and include files in a only
one collection.
Or, the administrator, manage many collection for each (same) service
(it is important in many cases to preserve identity of institutions).
Whith greenstone you can create also a meta-collection whith all/same
other collections.

4) To share collections, internet is very well, but you need a well
operating server
(see what we say about beep ....) and clients whit operating access ...
Whith greenstone you can easily share your collection(s) to locals
servers (just a pc whit greenstone library cgi and apache)
You need just create/valide a collection in a computer (with the
librarian Interface)
and send the file system collect/my-collection to many other computers
(by ftp, cd-rom, usb-key, ....)

5) Analyse organisations problems, administration problems wery well ....
greenstone is a TECHNICAL well solution, but many problems are not
technical problems.

6) See : http://profeau.uac.bj/cgi-bin/library
an exemple of greenstone collection on water in B?nin.


PL Rossi

Le 23/02/2011 16:06, Ralph Elsaesser a ?crit :
> Dear Greenestone Experts,
> The German International Cooperation (GIZ) currently is setting up a
> National Water Information Centre in Kinshasa with a couple of
> computers, scanners, printers. We invite dozens of national services
> to digitize and organize their documents in one common document
> database. We are currently in the process of selecting the software.
> As it should be a freeware software, we came across Greenstone.
> I found the Greenstone software very attractive for our purposes but
> there are a few questions left where I am not sure whether I found the
> right answer to.
> (1) I installed the program locally and it runs well. Is it possible
> to install it on a set of 5 computers sharing the same documents on a
> network attached storage (without installing the Web version)? I tried
> by changing a few paths in cfg-files and the website seems to run
> well, but the librarian Interface seems to have serious problems. I
> read somewhere that this kind of system architecture is not supported.
> I did not try to install it on the NAS drive (U:) during the setup.
> Would this solve my problems? It would be OK if a collection is
> editable by only one client at a time.
> (2) If I install it on a Webserver (not yet done), would this allow to
> edit the collections simultaneously by two computers?
> (3) If I install it on a Webserver, would it be still possible to
> export a collection or a subset to a locally installed system (every
> service should get the possibility to use a local copy - Internet
> connectivity is very poor in Kinshasa)
> Thank you for a quick response!
> Ralph
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