[greenstone-users] Collections on a different folder (NAS) possible?

From Ralph Elsaesser
DateFri Feb 25 04:38:18 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Collections on a different folder (NAS) possible?
Hi experts,

I managed to install the web library on our IIS Web Server, which is
fast and reliable. I would like however to store the (disk-consuming)
collections on our NAS (network attached storage). I found a COLLECTHOME
variable in ..greenstonellssite.cfg and set it to

*collecthome*=U:CDEIEGreenstonecollect (which points to the NAS)

It seems that both, the IIS web server but also the Greenstone Web
server are reading this information from the *collecthome* variable, but
do not work properly with the collections on the NAS.

(1) The greenstone web server comes up with the page but shows: "Pas de
collection valide disponible (c'est-?-dire construite et publique)"

(2) The IIS web server cannot load the page, if the collection is stored
on the NAS

Any ideas? Any experiences?


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