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From Diego Spano
DateWed Feb 9 02:24:44 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Web Access
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Larry, may be that this help you:

1- When you open GLI, it also runs local library server (server.exe), to let
you preview the collection you build. Having both servers up (library.cgi
and server.exe) at the same time makes library.cgi to stop responding!!!.
So, when you run gli with local library server you can?t access to your
collection through the web server. The way to resolve this problem is
configuring Gli to use the web library server instead of the local
library.server. Simply, rename c:greenstoneserver.exe as server.old and
the next time you run Gli, it will ask for the URL to have access to the
digital library. This way, when GLI has to show you the collection, it will
show through the web server.
With this workaround, you will never have both servers running together...

2- Take a look to



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We have just set up a server for our digital libraries and are doing some
tests before we make our collections available to the public.

We are using Apache 2.2 and Greenstone 2.83. The server operating system is
Windows 2008 Standard 32bit.

The questions that I have are:

1.When we have the GLI open there is no access to the collections. Is
there a way to rectify this?

2.We want to set up scheduled rebuild for the collections. We see that
there are options for daily and weekly rebuilds but do not see any way to
schedule the time for the rebuild. How might this be done?

Thanks is advance for your help,

Larry Sheldon
New Rochelle Public Library
1 Library Plaza
New Rochelle, New York 10805
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