[greenstone-devel] Imaged pages and link to PDF file

From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed Feb 9 02:49:37 2011
Subject [greenstone-devel] Imaged pages and link to PDF file
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I had done this in a previous version of Greenstone and have not tried it with the current release but it should work.

Let?s say your item file, jpg and text directories are all in the collection?s import directory in a subdirectory called book1. You have a file called book1.pdf and it is in the same directory as the item file. The pdf file must have the same base name as the item file, book1.item and book1.pdf. Use the following line in the collection?s collect.cfg file:

plugin PagedImgPlug -converttotype jpg -screenviewsize 800 -screenview -associate_ext pdf

The ?assciate_ext pdf is what connects the pdf file to the item file; Greenstone will not do any processing of the pdf file itself. You can set the other options according to your needs. Newer versions of Greenstone have changed the plugin name to PagedImagePlugin.

You can produce a link to the pdf file by using [pdf.assoclink] in a format statement.

Hope this helps.

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Dear all

I have a collection of old books which I am planning to make with paged images where I would use item files. Also I would like to make a link to PDF format of the same book. I went through all manuals which I could find about Greenstone and couldn't do that.
Here is one example of my item file which I am using for imaged pages
<Metadata name="dc.Title">????????????-???? ? ????????</Metadata>
<Metadata name="dc.Date">1897</Metadata>
<Metadata name="dc.Creator">?????????? ??????</Metadata>
<Metadata name="pdffile">vekovecnikom/vekovecnikom.pdf</Metadata>
<Page pagenum="1" imgfile="jpg/image001.jpg
" txtfile="text/image001.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="2" imgfile="jpg/image002.jpg
" txtfile="text/image002.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="3" imgfile="jpg/image003.jpg
" txtfile="text/image003.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="4" imgfile="jpg/image004.jpg
" txtfile="text/image004.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="5" imgfile="jpg/image005.jpg
" txtfile="text/image005.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="6" imgfile="jpg/image006.jpg
" txtfile="text/image006.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="7" imgfile="jpg/image007.jpg
" txtfile="text/image007.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="8" imgfile="jpg/image008.jpg
" txtfile="text/image008.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="9" imgfile="jpg/image009.jpg
" txtfile="text/image009.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="10" imgfile="jpg/image010.jpg
" txtfile="text/image005.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="11" imgfile="jpg/image011.jpg
" txtfile="text/image011.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="12" imgfile="jpg/image012.jpg
" txtfile="text/image012.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="13" imgfile="jpg/image013.jpg
" txtfile="text/image005.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="14" imgfile="jpg/image014.jpg
" txtfile="text/image014.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="15" imgfile="jpg/image015.jpg
" txtfile="text/image015.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="16" imgfile="jpg/image016.jpg
" txtfile="text/image016.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="17" imgfile="jpg/image017.jpg
" txtfile="text/image017.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="18" imgfile="jpg/image018.jpg
" txtfile="text/image018.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="19" imgfile="jpg/image019.jpg
" txtfile="text/image019.txt"/>
<Page pagenum="20" imgfile="jpg/image020.jpg
" txtfile="text/image020.txt"/>
Please help. Thanks in advance for any kind of help

Kind regards
Sanja Petric
IT specialist in public library

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