[greenstone-users] Collections on a different folder (NAS) possible?

From Diego Spano
DateFri Feb 25 08:40:14 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Collections on a different folder (NAS) possible?
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you said you are using IIS, so you want to use GS with the web version (library.cgi). The file ..greenstonellssite.cfg is only used by the local library server (server.exe) and has nothing to do with IIS. To configure the web server you have to edit the file /greenstone/cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg.

Talking about the way you can install GS, take in account that you only need "index" folder to serve the collection. This folder must reside under the folder where you installed GS.

The import folder can reside anywhere. You can take the files from another computer. You can mount a Windows share on a Linux server. You can have two different disk, etc etc. What you need is to redirect the import folder, assigning "importdir" option to the import.pl process. (this can?t be done through GLI). Some examples:

Perl -S import.pl -importdir e:docsmy_pdf my_col

Perl -S import.pl -importdir /windows_mounted_share/docs my_col

2- The archive folder can be redirected too, to any other folder or shared resource. In this case, you need to specify the location to both process, the import and the build.

Perl -S import.pl -importdir e:docsmy_pdf -archivedir f:archives my_col (assuming you installed GS in c:greenstone then you will have the "root" folder of your collect in c:greenstonecollectyour_col, the import dir in drive e: and the archives dir in drive f:)

Perl -S buildcol.pl -archivedir e:archives my_col (this will only put the archive folder in another drive, the import folder will be in c:greenstonecollectyour_colimport)

3- The index must reside in the same location where you have GS installed.

But there is another way to reduce space. You can notice that the contents of the archive folder are "almost" the same of "index/assoc" folder. So, if you are on Linux, you can make a link like index/assoc --> /archives and then you get more space. On Windows this is not possible, as far as I know....

It is like a puzzle!.

Hope this helps.

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Hi experts,

I managed to install the web library on our IIS Web Server, which is fast and reliable. I would like however to store the (disk-consuming) collections on our NAS (network attached storage). I found a COLLECTHOME variable in ..greenstonellssite.cfg and set it to

collecthome=U:CDEIEGreenstonecollect (which points to the NAS)

It seems that both, the IIS web server but also the Greenstone Web server are reading this information from the collecthome variable, but do not work properly with the collections on the NAS.

(1) The greenstone web server comes up with the page but shows: "Pas de collection valide disponible (c'est-?-dire construite et publique)"

(2) The IIS web server cannot load the page, if the collection is stored on the NAS

Any ideas? Any experiences?


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