[greenstone-users] Client GLI

From Haik Zargaryan
DateThu Jul 14 22:40:41 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Client GLI
Dear Greenstone community

I was glad to receive your advices regarding my problem with Client GLI. I have followed all sugestions, however, all my endeavours were unseuccessful. The error continued to pop out. Now I am sending you three screenshots which, I hope, will help you to better understand the nature of this problem. The error.jpg is the poping out error, the error_message.jpg is what I see when I enter??this value in browsre's address bar. (as you have suugessted in your mail)http://

And the third image, namely Users_list.jpg, is the users' list that I see in greenstone's administration's page. Here you can see, that my users do belong to the all-collections-editor group.

Any advices?

Thanks in advance

Haik Zargarian
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