[greenstone-users] Re: greenstone/brazil - shared server

From Greenstone Team
DateWed Jul 20 21:16:59 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: greenstone/brazil - shared server
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Hi Tel,

Although I have no experience with shared servers, there are somethings
we can consider or rule out first:

Is the binary failing during installation, or does it install
successfully but then, when you try to run the server, the server
doesn't launch?

If the installer fails, can you tell us of any error dialogs that may
have popped up, or any error messages that are seen in the installation
dialog's errors log tab. If there are no visible errors, can you
describe how it fails? (For instance, you might find that no Greenstone
folder was created, or that it's empty.)

A. If the installation succeeded, but there's a problem with the web
- check if it is the included apache server that fails to run by using a
browser to visit your default host:port page, on which your Greenstone
server should be running. (E.g. http://localhost:80/) If apache is
running OK, this page will print out the message "It works!" when you
visit it.
- if the apache server is working, then the problem would lie with
Greenstone's serving of pages. In such a case, can you describe where
things are going wrong?

In both the above cases of the server going wrong, look in the following
subdirectory of your Greenstone 2 installation folder for a file called
"<path to your Greenstone2 folder>/apache-httpd/<your operating system
name (linux/windows/darwin for mac)>/logs/"
and send us a copy of any error messages in that log file.

B. If it is the installer, however, that does not cope with the shared
server situation, there are some things you could try. Consider trying
one of the following to see if it gets you past this hurdle:
- If you have experience with compiling, you can get the Greenstone 2.84
source code distribution (from http://www.greenstone.org/download) and
compile it up
- Alternatively, you might run the installer of a far more current
version of Greenstone 2 for your operating (get it from
http://www.greenstone.org/caveat-emptor/) on a *local* machine, instead
of the shared server.
Then zip up the installed greenstone folder. Transfer it to your shared
server, and unzip it on that server machine.

This next is the part for which you need a very current version of
Greenstone 2 (because even Greenstone 2.84 does not have the following
Open a Terminal (linux x-term or DOS-prompt or mac terminal) on that
shared server, use it to go into your Greenstone installation folder and
./gsicontrol.sh reset-gsdlhome
./gsicontrol.sh web-start
if you're on linux.

Else, if you're on windows, you would need to type:
gsicontrol.bat reset-gsdlhome
gsicontrol.bat web-start

The first command target of reset-gsdlhome tells Greenstone that your
Greenstone installation has been moved (in this case, from your local
machine to a shared server far away), and that it needs to re-set itself
up for that. The second line then asks Greenstone to start the
underlying apache webserver. Does the server run now?

If not, are there any error messages printed on screen, or in the apache
log (once again, look in the <path to your Greenstone2
folder>/apache-httpd/<your operating system name (linux/windows/darwin
for mac)>/logs/error.log for error messages apache may have sent there).

After testing, don't forget to stop the web server with (on linux):
./gsicontrol.sh web-stop
And on windows:
gsicontrol.bat web-stop

As you were trying to set things up on a shared server, I assumed you
may know be familiar with the Linux operating system, with using
terminals (and perhaps even with compiling). Write back if you need
clarification, unless one of your colleagues is able to try the above first.


Tel Amiel wrote:
> dear anupama,
> i received your email from thiago. my name is tel amiel, i work with
> claudia wanderley at UNICAMP (brazil).
> we are currently trying to install greenstone server in a shared
> service (something like dreamhost). we have secured a server (Tomcat
> 6.0, JSP 2.1, Java 6, Servlet 2.5) but we are having difficulties
> installing the software. i haven't been able to find documentation
> that address shared servers - would you perhaps be able to help us
> with some information?
> cheers!
> tel