[greenstone-users] Re:Apache Server crashing during Preview Search

From Greenstone Team
DateThu Jul 21 14:13:49 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re:Apache Server crashing during Preview Search
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Hello Ted,

If you would send me the document that crashes the server (I may not
need the others, since they don't crash the server), then I will try to
reproduce the problem here. Alternatively, if you find the same problem
manifests when using any other documents of that type, then we can try
with any .odt file here.

Could you also tell us exactly which steps you followed in creating your
collection, especially where that document is concerned. E.g. what
plugins you added to the default set, what indexes you created and what
metadata you added to the particular document. You could also tell me
how you set up your browsing classifiers for the collection, although
that may not be necessary as it was the search that failed. Finally, if
you could tell me how you set up your search, such as whether it was the
default search box, or whether you changed preferences to advanced or
fielded search, what index field(s) you searched on, perhaps even the
search term(s).

To explain it a different way: if you tell us how to recreate your
collection here and how to attempt the same search, by following the
same steps, we could try to recreate the context in which searching on
your document failed and caused the server crash.

We'd like very much to eliminate such bugs, therefore any help you can
give us in this matter will help us make Greenstone more robust. Thanks,

Ted Maust wrote:
> Hello,
> I think I identified the problem I was having earlier, and so I just
> wanted to test my diagnosis out with all of you.
> The problem stems from the fact that the Google Document I was trying
> to include in a collection has comments along the side. In exporting
> it, I created four versions, a zipped HTML (which is okay but lacks
> the comments), a PDF (which also cuts out the comments and has some
> formatting mistakes in just a few places with words going off the side
> etc.), and then a .doc and a .odt file. The .doc file causes
> wvWare.exe to close during build and so doesn't get included in the
> collection. The .odt makes it into the collection, but I think it
> can't be fully indexed. For this reason, it is fine for browsing
> functions but when I search, it crashes the server somehow. Ideas?
> Solutions? If possible I would like to retain the comments and have
> them be searchable as well.
> Thanks!
> Ted Maust
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