[greenstone-users] Resizing a window on an external link

From Greenstone Team
DateMon Jul 25 19:20:35 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Resizing a window on an external link
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Hi Antonio,

> Well, the problem is that I actually opens in a new window
maximilizada but in a small size.

I'm not sure how this is to be done, but perhaps you could try adding
javascript to the macro file, so that it resizes the new window.
These links may be relevant to resizing windows using javascript:
and http://www.codeave.com/javascript/code.asp?u_log=7065

Be aware that writing any javascript in macro files may require you to
escape some special characters. Look in your macros/query.dm file, where
you will find some javascript functions defined and study how they are
written. For instance, look for the line "function getsearchargs ()" in
query.dm, to learn how to write javascript inside .dm macro files so
that things work with Greenstone.

Best of luck,

Antonio Palazon wrote:
> Greetings to all
> V2.84 I use on XP
> I have a link to a page located on the exterior extra.dm
> <http://extra.dm> macro with the following syntax:
> /<a href="http://www.elmontepio.es" target="_new"> Click to view </ a>
> /
> I also tried this one, changing the target:
> /<a href="http://www.elmontepio.es" target="_blank"> Click here to
> view </ a>
> /
> Well, the problem is that I actually opens in a new window
> maximilizada but in a small size.
> I tried also with other different links and appear to have Greestone
> defined window size to display with default action.
> Also I have a link to external website but this is located on a button
> in the Greenstone navigation bar (made as a clasficador ) and this
> window opens if the maximum size.
> I have searched for macros, but can not find anything that identifies
> the dimensions of the windows.
> Does anyone know where you can be the information on these measures
> Greestone to change the default opening new windows?
> Thank you for your interest and your knowledge.
> Antonio Palazon
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