[greenstone-users] Image & PDF Collection Query

From Oden, Deborah J.
DateSun Jul 17 09:04:53 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Image & PDF Collection Query

I am trying to build a collection of image and pdf files. As a relatively new user, I have been through tutorials, built collections repeatedly, and done a good amount of experimentation but the configuration is elluding me and I would greatly appreciate some assistance.

This is a collection of rare books, for which I would like to have a document display with a primary jpg image (front cover), minimal text, several metadata values, and associated secondary images (spine, title page, etc.) and pdfs (multi-page scanned documentation, not OCRed). All images/pdfs/text will be imported from a volume on the server.

I have become entangled in a variety of collection types, nested folders, Browsing Classifiers, Indexes, and Format Features. I realize that I may not understand the fundamental structure of how Greenstone would see this type of collection on the document level, which would of course guide the rest of the search/browse configuration. Also, I am trying to build this from the GLI (vs. the config file) as I am only somewhat experienced in coding -- although willing to try!

Thank you in advance for your help,

Jeanne Oden
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