[greenstone-users] Adding attributes to a new metadata set

From Elissa Ernst
DateFri Jul 8 07:43:38 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Adding attributes to a new metadata set

I am trying to write a metadata set in GEMS to output METS and MODS using
Greenstone. I have entered all the elements and subelements, but the
tutorial is not clear on how to add the attributes for each of these
elements. I can enter a name for the Label and Definition, but then I don't
see a way to set these and add more attributes. I cannot figure out how to
add them to the list of elements in the upper right corner.

And a related question, does the name of the set at the top of the element
tree function as a root element, or do you have to create that as your first
element? Is there a way to add an element to a top level without
re-entering everything beneath it?

Please reply, as I am trying to finish a school project and time is of the
essence. Thank you!


Elissa Ernst
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