[greenstone-users] Hierarchical and Alphabetical Browsing

From Ted Maust
DateFri Jul 15 06:31:23 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Hierarchical and Alphabetical Browsing
I have a hierarchical browsing classifier for my Subjects/Keywords, but the
list, when I load more files will be very long and cumbersome. I would like
to be able to combine the hierarchical nature of that classifier with the
alphabetical Hlist breakdown available in regular Lists. I searched the
archives of this mailing list but the only solution I found was very
inelegant and didn't actually work for me.

The idea there was to create a higher level of the hierarchy based on the
first letter of the Subject/Keyword. For example, "N|Nata|Origins." This
method is labor intensive, error prone, and, when I tried it, didn't work
they way it should have. Instead, about half of the original keywords
remained on the highest level of the hierarchy with the single letters.

Has anyone figured out a better way? Is there any way to nest classifier
structures within each other?

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