[greenstone-users] Error Message when trying to open collection on different computer

From Ted Maust
DateThu Jul 7 06:02:55 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Error Message when trying to open collection on different computer

I was attempting to open a Greenstone collection on a different computer (on
the same network, but the copies of Greenstone are on the respective hard
drives) by copying the specific collection folder within the 'collect'
folder to a newly created "collect' folder on the other computer which had
just had Greenstone installed on it. Everything went fine until I attempted
to open the collection. Then the 'Gather' panel showed the parent folder of
my collection with a miscellany of other files, some of them from other
collections or perhaps that I had deleted from this collection, one called
"doc.doc" and a couple that seemed to be metadata records. I was given the
following Error message:

The Collection at:
C:Program FilesGreenstonecollect956
cannot be opened because:
For input string: "1309276342625@2011-06-28T15;53;07"

I then attempted to get to the library through the server and I happily
browsed my file structure on this preview until I attempted to search, it
failed to connect and subsequent attempts to browse were unsuccessful.

I have edited the metadata sets of my collection and there may be lingering
files that are unprocessable by Greenstone (i.e. WMAs), might those be

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