[greenstone-users] Re: Koha GSDL Live CD

From mpradhan@healthnet.org.np
DateWed Jul 13 01:29:13 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Koha GSDL Live CD
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Dear Prof. Raghavan,

I am giving your answer in the following paragraph:
> I have the following questions regarding the new LIVE
> CD.
> 1) Is this version of koha-gsdl compatible for upgrading to new release
> of Koha;

We are releasing another version of Koha GSDL 3.4.2 (latest release)Live
CD within next 10 days. Due to the format incompatibility, the current
version i.e. 3.2.2 cannot be upgraded to 3.4.2.

In the new release, we will also publish separately only the plugin parts
of Koha to be used with GSDL. This helps to incorporate the plugins if you
have already installed version 3.4.2 (latest release)

I hope that your questions 2 and 3 answers with the above paragraph.

With regards,

Sincerely yours,

Mohan Raj Pradhan
General Secretary


> 2) If no then what should be the way
> to upgrade to later versions of Koha releases without disturbing the
> codes related with integration;
> 3) If no immediate solution is available then what is the plan to upgrade
> koha-gsdl version with future releases of Koha?
> Regards
> Raghavan
> Dr. K. S. Raghavan
> Professor, DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute
> Bangalore 560 059
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