[greenstone-users] Re: Hello greenstone team

From Greenstone Team
DateFri May 18 16:23:59 2012
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Hello greenstone team
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Hi Nik,

If you want to reopen an existing collection that you've already
created, you need to use File > Open and choose the collection to open
(which will open all the collection's existing contents in the
Collection view on right hand side), instead of doing a drag and drop
from the Filesystem Tree on the left hand side of GLI's Gather panel to
the Collection view on the right hand side.

If you're creating a new collection, do File > New and provide the
details to create a new collection such as the collection name. Then, to
put some content into your new empty collection, move files from the
Filesystem Treeview on the left of the Gather panel to the Collection
view on the right hand side of this panel.


On 18/05/12 16:18, Nik Umi Humaira wrote:
> Hello..
> I have problem building my own collection using the Greenstone 2.85
> for Windows where when I open the GLI I cannot drag and drop my
> collection to the collection tree, why is that?
> Sincerely,
> Nik Umi
> Student