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From Diego Spano
DateWed Jan 23 02:52:33 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] preferences accents
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Hi Diego,

you can do this by editing main.cfg and adding the following lines:

#set a default value for Case. ignore case =1 and match case = 0*
cgiarg shortname=k argdefault=1

#set a default value for Word endings. ignore word endings =1 and word
endings must match = 0
cgiarg shortname=s argdefault=1

#set a default value for Accents folding. ignore =1 and match = 0
cgiarg shortname=af argdefault=1

You should also change the way you build your collections. If you are using
mgpp engine, try adding this to your collect.cfg:

indexoptions accentfold casefold stem

Then, you will be able to write "gestion" and GS will retrieve "gestion",
"Gestion", "gesti?n", etc.

Hope these helps.

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Hi everybody

I'm working with greenstone in spanish and i wanna know if it's
possible to configure Greenstone so that "ignore accents" is selected by
default, without forcing the visitor to go to his preferences screen to set
this option?

Thank you so much


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