[greenstone-users] Generated URL problem

From Huw Wyn Jones
DateSat Jan 19 00:55:11 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Generated URL problem
Hi everyone,

At long last (and with considerable thanks to George) I have Greenstone
up and running properly. I am building a 'test' collection and am
running into a strange issue - possibly a software bug. When I build a
collection using PDF's everything is fine until I try to open the PDF
files. I get this 404 error:

The requested URL /collect/huw-adroddia/index/assoc/HASH019e.dir/doc.pdf
was not found on this server.

The problem is solved by manually inserting gsdl/ to the URL. i.e. The
files are being created but the generated URL is missing a gsdl ! I've
checked the config files and they look fine to me. Could this be a bug?



Huw Wyn Jones
Reolwr ICT / ICT Manager
Fforwm Gwledig Cymru
Wales Rural Forum