[greenstone-users] Remote GLI

From Larry Sheldon
DateSat Feb 12 03:42:35 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Remote GLI
Hello All-

We have just recently set up a webserver for our digtal collections
We are using:
Apache 2.2 and Greenstone 2.83. The server operating system is Windows
2008 Standard 32bit.

When originally installed ,the 2 collections that werse set up performed
When I did a collection rebuild using remote GLI, I received the following
error messages :

import.pl> Converting Yearbooks Inventory.pdf to PagedImage format
import.pl> *** ImageMagick is not installed, the convert utility is not
available. Unable to convert PDF/PS to images
import.pl> Could not convert Yearbooks Inventory.pdf to PagedImage format
import.pl> WARNING: No plugin could process Collection
InventoriesYearbooks Inventory.pdf

I have also received a similar message for part of our library of

Now these sections of the libary are no longer available yet the elements
exhist on the GLI.
Also now the thumbnails on the one collection that I did the rebuid
are opening at a snails pace.
Is there a way to rectify this glitch or do I need to reinstall, which is
being met with hesitation by our IT staff

Larry Sheldon
New Rochelle Public Library
1 Library Plaza
New Rochelle, New York 10805
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