[greenstone-users] GS3 format feature

From Greenstone Team
DateWed Aug 3 18:32:26 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] GS3 format feature
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Hi Barbara,

While I don't have any experience in this, I would try the following
out, to see if it accomplishes what you want:

In GLI's Download pane, use Z39.50 as the Download Setting and point its
download location to Library of Congress by filling in the fields for
Host, Port and Database. Then tick the Max Records field, setting it to
something low such as 2. If that worked well enough and you feel ready
to take the leap to 100, try it again with a max records size of 100.


Barbara King wrote:
> Hi once again Anupama,
> Your response below gave me courage not to abandon GS3 and to continue
> building a DL for my project.
> Question: Is it possible to download 100 bibliographic records from
> the Library of Congress (LOC) catalogue/Z39.50? If so, I would
> appreciate it if you could inform me what steps I need to do in order
> to accomplish this task please.
> Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.
> Barbara