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DateWed Aug 3 19:45:23 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: Image & PDF Collection Query
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Hi Jeanne,

First read my email of yesterday.

I talked to my supervisor today and showed him your question, since I
wasn't too sure what collection was to be made from your documents. He
suggested the following. Sadly I can't give you more details than what's
to follow, but since you have gone through the tutorials, some of it may
be easier to understand.

1. Try to base your new collection on the PagedImage collection from the

2. For each primary book cover, create an item file.
The PDF associated with the book cover should have the same name as the
item fil, and make sure the PDF is in the same folder as the item file
it belongs to.
In the Design Panel of GLI, when configuring the PagedImagePlugin (press
the Configure Plugin button with PagedImagePlugin selected), select the
option "associate_ext". Type pdf in its field.
This will now associated the PDF with the item file of the same name
when you next get round to building it.

3. Look at item files in the Paged Image tutorial using a text editor.
Try to understand the syntax (form of expression) used in that file, to
do the following for your own item files (which you need to create one
for each book, all in their own folders):

In your item file, once more using a text editor, use the correct syntax
to get the first line to be the cover image description. Make subsequent
lines in the file refer to all your additional associated files like the
spine, title page and the rest.

4. Go to GLI's Format panel, set up the format statement for
DocumentHeading to be "click here to view full document". You want to
write HTML that uses the correct macro to make a link to the PDF you
attached. To work out the macro for the metadata you need to refer to,
you first need to re-build your collection once, then can look in the
Enrich pane of GLI to see if the PDF you want to link to is referred by
a metadata name in the list. You will need to work out the full path to
that file in the URL. (Some other tutorial collections may produce such
links to source documents and associated files. This is the sort of link
you want to build.)

5. GLI's Format panel, set up the DocumentText to contain the text you
wanted displayed and use HTML statements to create a simple table that
displays the metadata you want displayed by typing out the macros that
refer to them. See step 15 of the tutorial at
for how to display various pieces of metadata in the main DocumentText
format statement.

Try building such a collection and when previewing it, decide whether
how and where you want changes. I am unable to try these things out here
myself, since I have a list of things to do for the upcoming release of
Greenstone. But if I find time thereafter and if you have questions
still and write back, I may be able to experiment with a simple version
of such a collection here.


Oden, Deborah J. wrote:
> Hello --
> I am wondering if there is any clarification or additional information
> that might help someone provide guidance on the challenge described below?
> Many thanks,
> Jeanne
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> *From:* Oden, Deborah J.
> *Sent:* Saturday, July 16, 2011 4:04 PM
> *To:* greenstone-users@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz
> *Subject:* Image & PDF Collection Query
> Greetings
> I am trying to build a collection of image and pdf files. As a
> relatively new user, I have been through tutorials, built collections
> repeatedly, and done a good amount of experimentation but the
> configuration is elluding me and I would greatly appreciate some
> assistance.
> This is a collection of rare books, for which I would like to have a
> document display with a primary jpg image (front cover), minimal text,
> several metadata values, and associated secondary images (spine, title
> page, etc.) and pdfs (multi-page scanned documentation, not OCRed).
> All images/pdfs/text will be imported from a volume on the server.
> I have become entangled in a variety of collection types, nested
> folders, Browsing Classifiers, Indexes, and Format Features.
> I realize that I may not understand the fundamental structure of how
> Greenstone would see this type of collection on the document level,
> which would of course guide the rest of the search/browse
> configuration. Also, I am trying to build this from the GLI (vs. the
> config file) as I am only somewhat experienced in coding -- although
> willing to try!
> Thank you in advance for your help,
> Jeanne Oden
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