[greenstone-users] Compiling Greenstone for publication on 3rd party server

From Greenstone Team
DateWed Aug 10 14:24:19 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Compiling Greenstone for publication on 3rd party server
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Hi Achilles,

The person you contacted (Joe Augustin) wrote:
> You can only compile Greenstone library as cgi-bin binaries on your
local PC and then upload it to our server.

If so, perhaps you can just upload a Greenstone 2 binary installation,
which already contains precompiled cgi binaries in its cgi-bin folder.

Look inside your GS2 installation folder, it should contain files called
library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi (as well as a few more that end on *.cgi).
Of course, your entire GS2 installation needs to be hosted altogether,
since the other GS2 subfolders contain components and files that the
library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi make use of.

There is one further note that I think relevant. On Windows, while the
library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi may be called *.cgi files, they are
actually originally *.exe files I think. It is the similarly named
binaries for Linux and Mac that are genuine cgi files. If your Justhost
is a Linux server, I think you will want to try the linux binary, but if
your host is a Windows server, ask them whether the .exe files renamed
as .cgi will do.

Downloads of the latest binaries of GS2 for Windows, Linux and Mac can
be found linked off from http://www.greenstone.org/download
The release notes are at
You may want to look at the notes on patches at


achilles tenderloin wrote:
> Hi All,
> I received the email below from my web hosting service
> (Justhost) in April. Is there a simple way to do what Oliver
> suggested? Are there major drawbacks to this method of publishing
> Greenstone collections, such that I would be better off just changing
> to another hosting service?
> Thank You,
> --
> Joe Augustin
> achillestenderloin@gmail.com <mailto:achillestenderloin@gmail.com>
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> Date: Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 4:38 PM
> Subject: Re: [#2499404] Greenstone Collection On Justhost?
> To: Joseph Augustin <achillestenderloin@gmail.com
> <mailto:achillestenderloin@gmail.com>>
> Hi Joseph,
> As far as I see Greenstone needs to be compiled on our server. Am I right?
> Unfortunately we do not allow to compile 3rd party software on our
> servers.
> You can only compile Greenstone library as cgi-bin binaries on your
> local PC and then upload it to our server.
> Thank you.
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