[greenstone-users] Hello. I'm connecting from Mongolia.

From Greenstone Team
DateThu Aug 11 20:25:40 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Hello. I'm connecting from Mongolia.
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Hi Munkhsukh,

1. You asked:

*How to change default language? We want to change Mongolia language (mn).

- To set the language that the Greenstone server displays in, make sure
you have the Greenstone server running. Then in your Greenstone
library's home page, there should be a button called "Preferences" at
the top right. Press it to load the Preferences page. Scroll down to
Mongolian in the "Interface language" field.

- In GLI (the Greenstone Librarian Interface), you would change the
default language by going to File > Preferences > General tab. Then
choose a helpful language for the "Interface Language" field. I can't
see Mongolian in my GLI here, but perhaps you are preparing a
translation of the GLI interface and wish to test it out. (For details
on how to do this, contact Anna Huang at lh92@cs.waikato.ac.nz) Note
that if your chosen language has a non-Roman script, make sure to set
the "Font" field to a font you have installed on your machine which
supports the Mongolian script. Microsoft's web site says that Windows
Vista and 7 come with the "Mongolian Baiti" font, so if you're working
on Windows Vista or 7, try setting GLI's Font field to the value
"Mongolian Baiti, BOLD, 12". Once you've set the language and font,
press the Apply button and it should restart GLI in the new chosen language.

2. Your second question was on how to log into the Administration pages.
When you installed Greenstone, you'd have been given the opportunity to
choose a password for your admin account. If you didn't choose one then,
the default password would be admin. (Username: admin. Password: admin.)
You'll want to change your password shortly, but to log into the
Greenstone Admin pages, you first have to enable them.

a. Make sure your Greenstone server is stopped.
b. Use a file browser to go into Greenstone installation folder's "etc"
folder. In there is a file called main.cfg
c. Open main.cfg in a text editor.
d. Find the line that says:
status disabled
e. Change it to:
status enabled
f. Save the file.
g. Restart your Greenstone server.
h. Now on the main Greenstone home page, there should be a yellow-orange
button labelled "Administration Page". Press it to load the main Admin
page. On the left there are some links to Greenstone
administration-related actions you can perform. Some of these links will
require you to log in with your admin account details.

To change the admin password, you will need to open up a terminal (DOS
prompt if you're on Windows). Use the terminal to go into your
Greenstone installation directory, and from there type the following
(without the starting > sign) if you're on Windows:
> gsicontrol.bat configure-admin

If you're on Linux, you'd type the following (without the starting > sign)
> ./gsicontrol.sh configure-admin

It will ask you for the new password.


E. Munkhsukh wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm Mongolia university technology and School of teacher. So we
> interested your Greenstone system. But I have below problems.
> - * - **How to change default language? We want to change Mongolia
> language (mn).*
> **
> *- - How to log into Administrator page?*
> We?re expecting for sending email.
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> E.Munkhsukh
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