[greenstone-users] Error in collection creation

From Greenstone Team
DateThu Aug 11 21:42:31 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Error in collection creation
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Do you have any zip files in your collection? Can you try removing them
from your collection first, to see if it's the zip processing that's at
fault rather than anything in the PDFBox extension. If zip files are not
the problem, then try the suggestion you made:

> Should I remove that extension?
See if doing so "fixes" it, which would then tell us that that is indeed
the cause of this error message you're seeing.

For a more thorough solution, would you please describe step by step how
you created that collection and where and how you added the PDF Box
extension, so I can try and reproduce the problem here before trying to
devise a solution.

For instance, your description might be: "create a new empty collection
with some text files and image files, a zip file containing a file of
extension .abc. Then I had Plugin A configured with options x, y, z and
Browsing Classifier B configured in another way. Then I pressed build
and it failed."

I could try such a test out here.


Sean Mitchuson wrote:
> Im running greenstone 2.85 and I recently installed the PDF extention
> file. Ever since then my archivist has been getting this information:
> Everytime I click 'create' it comes up with
> an error notice that lists the zip file and states "could not be
> created". I can manipulate the format and design but adding files does
> nothing.
> Do I need to restart the server? Should I remove that extension?
> Thanks.
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